Obsurd and Undiscussed Relations
2003-02-25 00:10:29 (UTC)

Just another day for me

Well, my grandma is dieing. I know that sounds like no big
deal but if you knew her, and she knows everyone so you
prolly do, you'd know why I'm making such a big deal. She's
86 and her b-day is tomorrow. I'm not even sure if she's
going to make it to then. She is the funniest, most full or
lyfe, old person that I know. I mean, she can be hurting
like hell but when I go to see her, which is hardly ever,
she'll forget about everything and start talking to me
about how I'm doing and shit. It's crazy. I love her so
much. Hope she's better off where she's going. Anything
else happen today?? I got bitched at by my stupid
volleyball coach for 2 hours after a regular day at school.
Regular for me is crying around once a day, getting yelled
at an average of 6 times, failing another algebra test
which is 4th hour, trying my hardest in science for 1st
hour, miss Bastian screaming at us in 2nd hour band,
history 3rd hour is my only break cuz my teacher actually
likes me which is pretty weird...well I do suck up to him
so that might help but he seems to understand my problems,
lunch is just lunch, I don't eat so its just a good break,
gym class is 5th hour which corresponds every other day w/
Tech lab. They both are boring classes. And then finally,
to top it all off the bitch of all bitches for 6th hour.
Miss Myllyla. She yells at us for no reason and that class
is so easy too. I mean English, come on, not hard. But she
yells, oh what'd she yell at me the other day for?? Oh yeah
I remember, for talking in the Library. I was fricken
whipsering and asking her a question. She got up the nerve
tho, to scream "Shut up, quit screaming!" I'm like wtf your
the one who's yelling. But wateva its all funny when she
goes storming off. She's the fattest lady I've ever seen
too. Walk into the Library during classes and guess what
she's doing...Eating hot pockets or some other fattening
thing. Omg if you gotta eat that much, eat an apple or
something. God. Well, thank god miss myllyla wasn't there
today so I didn't get yelled at by her but everyone else,
yeah it was pretty much the same ole, same ole. I didn't
cry today either which is good...Well I haven't cried yet.
I guess that's all there is to say for today...see ya
tomorrow! =)