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2001-09-29 14:26:13 (UTC)


I almost totally forgot about this diary. Life's been
really hectic...Ron and I aren't together anymore, I think
I'm beginning to like Tim more as a friend than a
boyfriend, and I think I like Daren. And all this is
just...So irritating. I mean, when Tim and I get closer
THEN I stop liking him. What's with that? It's 10:15 AM and
I'm listening to the last guitar chord of Billy
Gilman's "Elizabeth." And now it's over. Really great song.

I'm off to Tim's in a lil' while. I'm spending more time
with him, lately. I try to understand him and surprisingly
he's openning up, I think. I hope he does. I love talkin to
him. Not because I like him but because he's honest. He
doesn't try to cover up for his feelings. He says what he
wants, what's honest. Whether people like it or not. Though
it gets him in trouble sometimes.

Yesterday, while we were drilling before the football game,
we got to wear our plooms yesterday! Cool! (I'm in Marching
Band...Stick with me here!) Anyway, Tim was behind me with
his trumpet blaring in my ear. So I turned around and said
flat out, "Move." And he giggled and said somethin. Then,
when I turned around, he slapped my hat down on my head
(Marching Hat). Those things hurt when they are slammed
onto your head!! So, I turned around and kicked him and he
kicked back. And IIIII got in trouble. Then Tim walked off
because he was pissed. Yesterday's stress level for the
whole band was at a maximum. No lying.

Now I'm listening to Billy Gilman's "I Gotta Make It To
Summer" but it's almost over. Oh well. I don't notice these
things because I'm typing. Tim is supposed to get online
right now so I can tell him our plans or he's supposed to
ride with his Mom to pick me up. Either is fine with me.
Heh. Just as long as I see him.

Yesterday in 4th period Language Arts, we got to do
descriptive writing. And Ms. Coletti said that mine was
great. I think I blushed a deep scarlet. Heh. Well, I've
probably bored you to death. For those of you following my
diary, I am feeling better...Not so depressed. And for
those of you that aren't following my diary: Why the Hell
aren't you??? Naw, j/k, just go back and read some previous
entries and you'll understand. Later from the short, blonde
woman: Hope