Obsurd and Undiscussed Relations
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2003-02-24 23:52:05 (UTC)

Hey there

Hey I'm Michelle. I have brown hair right now, hazel eyes,
I'm about 5ft5, and 105 pounds. I'm 13 years old and pretty
much just another girl in the crowd. There's nothing really
special about me...well, besides my perfect b/f. I
love him so much. I wouldn't be anywhere w/out him here.
I'll tell you about him later but first, I'm gonna finish
explaining me. Like I said, just a normal girl. I have 3
REALLY good friends and the rest are just ppl that I hang
out w/ when there's nothing better to do. Nikole, Ryan, and
Christin are their names. I'll tell you about them later
too. I live in a one-story tiny house in Michigan. I'm an
only child on my mom's side and on my dad's there's 3 other
kids who I have to go see like every other weekend. It
sucks really bad but so does the rest of my lyfe. My dad,
who's a complete asshole has had 2 wives in his lyfe from
what I know, prolly more tho, and about a million g/f's. He
just took me away from the one that I've loved the most a
few weeks ago. I hate him. Wish he'd die. My grandma, who
is the only one in my family that I love and loves me back
is gonna die really soon. It might even be tonite. So yeah,
I just have the cheeriest lyfe in the world! My b-day is in
14 days and I dunno, I'm sorta looking forward to it. I
mean, who can turn down all those presents? Actually, I
can. I have one wish for my b-day and that's to be w/ my
b/f again. I haven't seen him for a few weeks only but it's
prolly gonna be summer at the earliest that I'll get to see
him. I don't eat some days and everybody thinks that's bad.
I'm used to it so how can it be bad for me. I only eat when
I'm hungry and when I'm not hungry, no body can make me
eat. Well, except for my b/f. He knows what's good for me
and uses his "powers" to get me to do what he wants.=) Now
about my b/f. He's that guy you dream about being with. The
greatest thing that's ever happened to me. He's an awesome
kisser too. Hehe. He is the sweetest guy you could ever
meet. He's funny, smart, just everything you could ever
want in a guy. He treats me like I'm an angel and just the
greatest thing in the world when I know for a fact that I
don't deserve him. Oh well tho, I'll take one good thing in
my lyfe out of a tun of bad. I was crying bcuz someone died
a few months back and he made me burst out laughing. My
lyfe is full of deaths. I'm just getting used to it now.
About my friends now. First, I'll start w/ Ryan. He's my
best guy friend. I think one of the reasons why I'm such
good friends w/ him is cuz he likes me and treats me nice
and not just like another person. He's kinda, well how
would I put this, fat, but fat ppl are the koolest! Now
onto Nikole. She's the greatest, most thoughtful person I
know. For Valentine's Day, she felt bad cuz I wasn't gonna
see my b/f so she gave me a stuffed animal. She's so sweet.
Nikole's one of those ppl that can turn your day around
from being really bad to being really good. Finally,
Christin. Oh, where do I start. Her and I would prolly be
dead if we didn't have eachother in our lives. We keep
eachother up even tho we're prolly the two most depressed
ppl in our school. Its pretty funny hey? Well, she's most
likely gonna die pretty soon just cuz everyone does and
she's got so many problems. I'm going to miss her so much
but I really want her to get away from this hell so I'm
going to be happy for her also. Christin always calls me
her angel. She's my angel as much, if not more than I'm
hers. We listen to eachother and talk like every day on the
fone, at school, where ever possible. I'm going to miss her
so much when she's gone. I love you hunny! Well, I think
that's all I need to write for my first time so see ya
later! =) ~Michelle~