No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2001-09-29 14:01:51 (UTC)

saturday morning

hey! it's saturday morning. i'm eating chocolate stuffed
oreo's. Yummmmmm.....anyways. Jessica and Daniel broke up.
i hate to say "told you so" but told you so! i told her it
wouldnt work and she thought i was trying to be mean or
something. just like jessica and i tried telling nick him
and alisha wouldnt work and they didnt. i'm going to
homecoming with jess its kinda insane. we're
going as friends. it gives me someone to go with. last
night i decided that a guy wasnt gunna ruin my homecoming
night. its a stupid thing to let happen! well, i'm gunna
let my keyboard shut up now! bye!

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