random mumblings
2001-09-29 13:25:59 (UTC)


so i rented "hannibal" last night...not that scary...it was
a little gory with the pigs and the uncapping the guy's
noggin' but scary...not really. i preferred the first one
that's for sure. could you really uncap a guy's skull
without killing him? i'm not gonna lose any sleep over
that one :) so i called up pat and kevin to do something
last night and they weren't home so i rented the movie, and
then they called me back (they got the new hockey on the
playstation 2) but i couldn't go cause the movie had to be
back today by 6 and i have to go to work...a sign :) if it
is i don't know what the sign means :) anyways, gotta job
hunt...no rest for the wicked :)