My Gay Misadventures
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2003-02-24 23:24:58 (UTC)

Dream or Nightmare?

It happened again. I had a dream of one of my ex's...First
it was Manuel...but that dream didn't make sence. It was
like an action movie dream, and Manuel was the star (mind
you he's 6'2 and 260lbs) So it was kinnda bizzare...Last
night, I had a dream about Hesse (had to happen sooner or
later) I dream was me spending the day with him and his bf.
It was weird..I woke up frustrated. Rather then jelous. I
think it was a test to see if I had gotten over him...and I
have. But in my morning stuper, feeling frustrated, happy,
and confused, rolled into one gave me a headach...Stupid
pesky emotions...Im just happy to say...Im over Jesse.

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