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2003-02-24 23:02:07 (UTC)

One more week till spring..

One more week till spring break...too bad Im going to be
stuck in good ole'Novi. Yeah thats going to be fun right?
I think not. And then my best buds aren't even going to be
there :(. Im not sure what other schools have that week
off, Im hoping Michigan but I doubt it. I have my whole
week planned out though, its going to be great. I get home
saturday night, im probably going to go to lifetime and
work out with my bro or my dad. Then... Sunday Im going to
sleep in and then go to lifetime with my bro or my dad and
maybe go tanning ( so it looked like I went somewhere).
Monday consists of me sleeping all morning and then going
to the docter...whoohooo!!! No, but hopefully I find out
what is wrong with me. That will take forever of course
because what docter appointments actually go on time...
especially the one's after lunch. Now I wasnt sure if I
was going to get my hair cut on monday or not, but I think
that the docter's was enough excitment for one day, But I
am working out that night. ( Im working out everynight )
So tuesday should be exciting, some more sleeping and
another fun exciting day of playing with my bunny (I miss
the little fuzz head). Then Im going to get my hair cut,
and of course work out and even a little tanning...yeah I
know tuesday is the most exciting one yet! Wednesday will
consists of sleeping and mopping over my hair, well
because im never satisfied for at least a week with what
it looks like when I cut it that short. Thursday will be
very boring; sleeping, tanning and working out. Oh yeah im
working out on Wednesday too!! Thursday night on the other
hand will hopefully be fun DARLIN is COMING HOME. So I
will finally have someone to hang out if no one else is
home, but that will just consist of maybe a nap or two.
Friday MARCH 7??? Yeah I dont know what im going this day,
its a surprise, and it seems that everyone but me knows
what it is. But im excited, my darlin planned something
and its going to take up my whole weekend :) I might even
write a journal entry about it?.?.?. Then comes
sunday...Well my week of hell in Novi will be over, and I
get to return to CMU. Yep, can't wait. And I apologize for
making you read this extremly boring schedual for my
extremly boring week. BYE!!!!