Watch me lose it...
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2003-02-24 22:26:26 (UTC)

Just Me

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I gathered strength to rhyme. Its better...but it was
harder work

Its funny how you can go
From feeling so strong to feeling so sad and so slow
Feeling cold and alone, not knowing your own home
When everyday your reaping the seeds that you've sewen
Thought you were getting something good? Didnt you
With your shirt and your tie? Now whos the sucker
Its you
They treat you like this
Treat you like shit
When you live day to day, live your life in bits
And deal with the everyday, moaning like a bitch
Why oh why do things turn out like this?
Or is it just me? Was I just being ungrateful refuse myself
to this life style, to give my own self this label?
Would I rather be stacking shelfs there but stable? Feet in
the air, cold can of beer watching cable?
Or is that I'm just too proud, knowing I'm able to take
myself to the limits even if I'm mentally disabled? Cos I
dont know I'll be able to keep on with this fable I'm
losing my head...lay my cards on the table
Come clean
Its just me..I cant see...I know what I'd be if I carried
on not being free
A gun toting killer, amassing bodies like a sinner, killing
one by one like in some cheap American thriller
But thats not just let me be...dont push me
motherfucker or maybe I will be
Locked away for a year or for 3....nobody as ill as
me....give me your car keys


Cos now I can flow
So take your job and fuck it
You dont know
Half of the shit that goes through my dont know
half the things I've said
Or written down when your fucking back was turned
But sooner or later maybe I'll learn
My business is not good...I really dont need it, just give
me my cheques got me out of this shit. Every fucking day
just turns out the same...and the months are so fast...I
dont know whos to blame
For all this, anger and fury and agression..I dont think
you know..but I tell you keep guessing
Blame it on rap while I teach you a lesson...and while I
write this down and just keep on confessing

I'm not really proud of what I do...even though I use long
words I still earn less than you. And pushed around, fucked
and screwed...I'm just the fucking punch bag...just get
used and abused

I dont really need no HNC. Don't want no classrooms...dont
want to do a degree. Because when I've finished I'll still
be at the bottom of the toes on the ladder..Its
so simple to see

You dont know me. So dont try to judge my life yet PLEASE...
I'm not like you, I dont get on my knees
I dont take drugs, I dont smoke weed
But I am 21 and when you cut me I still bleed
But unlike the rest, my blood is unrrest
Built in self destruct sequence, dont put it to the test
Dont be in the way, when I go off its a mess
I'm sorry for my hair..I'm sorry for the way I dress
But I dont even want to admit that I feel like I'm stressed
But FUCK it I think I am...admit I'm really not the best
And fuck this life, fuck this job, fuck shit pay
I'm doing things differently
Now I'm going my own way...