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2001-09-29 09:40:56 (UTC)

A Big Day Head Of Me

I have a big day a head of me. We are going to the church gala dinner and dance tonight at the Radisson Inn, in Lincolnwood, IL.

It is the first such gala dinner and dance I have been to since I started to attend that parish.
Two years ago my bf went and got drunk as a skunk
and passed out in the streets of Evanston and ran
a big hospital bill up.

This will not happen this year. He has been drinking to much. He is in denial he has an alcohol
problem and needs help. He can not hold his alcohol. He gets intoxicated to easily. Makes an asshole out of himself.

I am trying to be alittle more sociable myself.
It is hard. Because I have a mixed personality disorder and depressive disorder. I am not schziotypal like my first ex husband. He is paranoia-schziophrenic and all. Hmm, an interesting
diagnosis which denotes he is out of touch with
reality and believes he is the new Furher of the fourth Reich. Yes, right.

I also believe I am Mrs. Santa Claus if you believe that one and Tinker the stinker bell from Peter Pan.

They need to lock up that bastard and throw a way the key, hehehe!

Robert called me last night. My newest love interest. Can hardly wait. I heard from my Texas
honey, Stephan as well. I have a new friend,
Untouched Confessions, i,e, David.

Robert lives in LaSalle County, IL. We are going to meet in two weeks. Hurray!

Shit, it is going on 4:40 am and I have to get some rest before this evening.

Plan to try to have fun and a good time.

Have a Nice Day!

Love, AmericanIrishRose

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