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2001-09-29 08:52:56 (UTC)

Maybe i will, and maybe i wont...

ok, i hate www.crosswinds.net, avoid making a webpage on
them at all costs. first, they said they would never ad
pop-ups, oh but damn, they sure did, didn't they? they
said they would never censor, oh damn, they sure did,
didn't they? So, the things they said they would never do
when i signed up, they did, meaning they FUCKING SOLD OUT.
Not only that, they destroyed all of my creative work! ALL
OF MY FUCKING CREATIVE WORK!!!! My entertainment reviews,
my links of the week archive over a 2 year span, my quotes
page, my personal info page, a brief summarized history of
my tragic cinderalla-esque life, and oh yay! The fuckers
deleted several pictures and images i had been storing on
my website and only had means to because of formatting my
computer on several occasions!! But now, my creative work,
opinions, and art, MINE GODDAMIT, no longer exists, because
they didnt like me saying, shit, or fuck, or cock one or
two fucking times, well crosswinds, i say FUCK YOU!! You
sold out, and did what you said you wouldnt do, and you
abridged the ability of someone who trusted you for way too
long and spread the word of mouth on how great you were,
blindly giving my faith and loyalty because you were free
and relatively clutter free. You have changed you fucking
whore, and I hope that someone someday shuts your shitty
asses down because you assrammers deserve at least that for
eliminating precious moments and memories FROM MY FUCKING
LIFE!!!! I hope that a terrorist crashes a plane into your
office building....