My Inner Self to cherish thou experience
2001-09-29 08:43:09 (UTC)

Pretty woman passed me by today who was my neighbor.

I just came by with my Friend and as I was getting off the
Bike, I just happen to see my neighbor and I was taken aback.
My beautiful neighbor whome I wish every minute, everyday
that she'd be my Wife.
So I enterd my house's main Gate and turned
around only to see her smiling at me. Then at that moment I
wanted nothing but to see her and her smiling face.
She was so charming and adoreble then and always. No wonder
I am crazy about her. But I had to leave as I was in a
hurry. Alas, I was unable to spare myself the time to talk
to her. I cursed the situation as my friend was with me and
it would become a issue. But I will meet her freely again
which I believe that it will happen soon.
I believe my conscience. I will try to make her my wife. And
thou shall defy the circustances if it were to be true.