Bruce Wayne

2003-02-24 21:45:49 (UTC)

Great book

I read one of the best books I've ever read "In His Image".
It's about the cloning of Christ from blood on the Shroud
of Tourin. It's the first in a trilogy of books. It was
extremely well researched as far as historical and
religious information goes. I was a bit worried this was
going to be a bible thumper, but it was far from that. it
read more like a Michale Chrigton (sp?) or Tom Clancy
novel. It tells a very engaging story of world politics as
they occurr to individuals. I couldn't put it down. The
last book the grab me like that was the Truth Machine.
These two books really examine technology's ability to
affect the world we live in and how the choices individuals
make can have wide reaching efects.

I wish this book had been out when I was in High School.
All of the religious and moral issues it raised would have
been fun to debate in that singleminded dogmatic
conservative spawning ground. I'm grinning ear to ear
thinking about the questions I used to ask in my religion
class and how infuriated the Brothers would get. I wasn't
trying to be irrevrent, I just wanted answers. I was truly
interrested in religion, the existence of God, creation,
church laws ..ect. I can remember how disgusted I was when
Bro. Syriac was encouraging us in the Catholic League to
participate in Abortion demonstrations. I can remember the
pictures of aborted fetus' on signs. It seemed to me to be
an unfair judgement to place . Having never had to be patr
of the decision to abort a pregnancy I can only imagine the
anguish any woman having one must go through. I could have
very easily been aborted, and am thankfull that my mother
decided to face the responsibility alone. Things turned out
pretty well, thankfully. I can remember thinking that I
couldn't believe that this cloistered asshole was placing
judgement over a situation that he had absolutely no
practical experience in. That where the hipocracy of the
Catholic church first came into focus in my life. It was
the beginning of the end of my involvement in organized

I can remember a visit back to my high school where I was
talking to a priest I was very fond of. He asked what I was
doing with myself. I was really proud of the fact that I
was working with emotionally disturbed kids. I figured
since he had devoted his life to the priesthood that he
would be apreciative of my choice. His response was that
I'd never make much money that way. Well no shit Padre, how
much dough are you takin in a year. Glad I didn't ask, I
might have vomited if he had told me sometheng other than
the vow of poverty business. It made me really question the
whole experience of High School in a religious environment.
I'm sure the lot of less introspective automotons that were
schooled there became captains of industry, and more power
to them. I really felt a need to do something that I viewed
as meaningful. I think alot of my spirtiuality came from
the work I was doing and for the good father to dismiss it
on the basis of earnings was a bit sad to me. I suppose he
was trying to give good advice.

Here I am 20 years after graduating, the last time I was in
a church was for a weding or a funeral. I see the
procession of cars filing in and out of church on Sundays
and I'm reminded of somethng my mother said as we were
trying to get out of a parking space after Easter
Mass. "With all of these good Cristians here, you'd think
one of them would let me get out of this parking space and
into traffic" Chalk up another pearl of wisdom for Mary!

And remember God Damn it,is not taking the lords name in's a request!