Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2001-09-29 08:04:42 (UTC)

Sympathetic Dreamers...

Well, I finally, well, nothings ever really final, but I got damned

I have now, I think, put my ex behind me, and I move forth, I will
no longer tread the past with anchors dragging the
bottom of my wretched soul... Perhaps, I shall learn to
sail at half mast, maybe things will get better, and I can
look forward to a new, I don't know, a new start, better
than I have been before...

heh, oh, am I deluded..

I feel so bad, I feel as though I am the bad guy... and I
shouldn't... damnit... Is it really my fault? maybe, okay, it
probably is, in one form or another...


Fuck me.

I need a concubine, or maybe a concubine needs me..

Fucking figures...

I never cheated on anyone I dated, not once, now I am
not saying that I am a perfect soul and never had any
indescretions, I think I flirted once or twice, maybe even
made sexual or emotional overtures that could be
looked upon as "cheatious" (is that even a word?)
behavior... But, my 2 of my Ex's have done so, and I
bloody knew about it, without having talked to anyone
else about it... maybe a sixth sense or something,
perhaps I am just observant...

I keep thinking that if I go out, and do something with
someone, like, oh, I dunno, Sara? whom I once had a
desire for, I would feel as though i were cheating on my
ex... even a date, movie, dinner, walk her home, no
kissing, no touching, just decent conversation and fun
time... BAH!!!

My mind doth betray me...

Sweet dreams all...

Dream of sweet things...

Dream of cotton candy...

Dream of new love...

But, most of all..

Just Dream...


Light and darkness by turns, but always love.