Bruce Wayne

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2003-02-24 21:04:27 (UTC)

The enemy advances

Well Scott and the Sasquatch are moving to a town near
you...I mean me. I guess it was only a matter of time till
it happened and that time is now. I think it's so pathetic.
Steve and the Mrs (and baby soon) decide to build close by
and scott and Big Red have to be on their heels. I'm sure
this is feeding her need to be involved in everyones lives.
I don't know why I single her out for that, Scott has been
trying to run Steves life an awfull lot lately as well.

If this is happening so Scott can be closer to Kyle, well
that's great, and I'm sure that's part of it. The realist
in me believes that the majority of the motivation comes
from all the manipulative shit going on in her head.
Frankly I don't care except for the fact that it puts undue
pressure on Steve and Jan , and Rob as well. She ries hard
not to let them upset her, but it seems to be a loosing
battle. I feel kind of bad when we talk about it because
I'm always saying "who cares what they do"...well somewhere
in her mind , she cares. I'm not trying to minimize her
feelings about the whole thing, but they just aren't worth
the mental energy she expends on them...that's the point I
try to make with her. I hope she sees it like that.

I guess, at the end of the day, I'm really thankfull to
have enought positive things going on in my life that I
don't have to get caught up in the pettiness that seems to
rule Lisa's (and Scotts to some extent) life. It must be
really awfull to have to worry about all the things that
everybody else is doing. This must sound really self
righteous, but it's true. The two of them are sooo
miserable, and they've worked sooo hard to construct this
miserable little world they live in. I should really
congradulate them on a job well done. They have served as a
shining example of how people should not run their lives. I
hope Kyle is astute enough to see that and not make those
same decisions. They say the apple doesn't fall far from
the tree....I hope all the bullshit he's exposed to turns
out to be fertilizer and he can overcome the genetic hand
he's been dealt.