taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2003-02-24 20:58:10 (UTC)

S.omething U.tterly V.ile

Perhaps the most disturbing trend of recent years is the
immense and increasing popularity of Something Utterly
Vile, or, in short, the SUV. How ironic is it that the
premise of the propaganda to sell these evironmentally
unfriendly beasts is based on their ability to battle the
fiercenice of mother nature and conquer the elements?

As everyone is well aware, the daily commute to and from
work, school, or whatever, can be Terrifingly trecherous!
What with the unprovoked avalanches, sudden monsoon's,
mudslides, ice ages, tsunami's ... its a wonder we survived
without these gas guzzling saviors!

You gotta give the Auto-Exec's cedit though. Only they
could create a demand for a $30 - 50 grand hunk of metal
and plastic with all the watch-out-nature trimmings to a
market surrounded by lush concrete, beautiful on-ramps, and
exotic under-passes with now staggering gasonlie prices.
Who says corporate propaganda (aka advertising) has no

I propose a very rational idea to counteract Something
Utterly Vile. We designate a day, something along the lines
of say a May 27th or June 07th, in which we all go outside
with any common household blunt object, and see just how
well these beasts can withstand a simulated metor shower,
or hail storm. Chevy Avalanche like a rock, my ass!

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