Bruce Wayne

2003-02-24 20:42:39 (UTC)


Well I didn't win the

We had a really good time in Cancun , despite the fact that
we lost a day of the trip to the 27.5 inches of snow that
hit Logan Airport Monday night. We stayed @ the Moon Palace
resort. All inclusive including booze. I had lots of Pina
Colladas9sp?).....very yummy.

Our first day there we saw a dead man (under a sheet) on
the beach. Apparently there was some sort of mishap
involving a Jet Ski and he came up on the short end of it.
I felt really bad for his companion (female) who sat on the
beach, @ the waters edge, in complete shock. I can't
imagine what that must be like to be so excited about
vacationing and have it end in a tragedy like that. Very
sad. That pretty much ended any shot Kyle had of getting
to rent a jetski this time out. He wasn't too
arguementative about it either.

I actually had a ton of fun with him. We joked about all
sorts of things. He's been a joy to be around lately. I'm
not sure what it is. Maybe the thearpy is working for him.
It's terrible to say, but I'm waiting for the other shoe to
drop, and the sour boy to emerge again. I guess I'll enjoy
it while it's nice. We saw Iguanna Sex while @ the Mayan
ruins. The male was biting the back of the females neck. I
was adding commentary "Who's your Daddy??? Say My name!!!!"
well he thought that was the funniest thing going. I was
using my cheesy Spanish Announcer voice the whole time we
were there which he took much delight in as well. I'm so
relieved it was fun.

My new gig starts on Monday, and it's off to Montreal
Tuesday and Wednesday. I'm looking forward to digging my
teeth into it. It'll be really nice to get the office
situated, and wack away at some debt. I'm really psyched
about the opportunity, and the $....well mostly the $.