lost in the dark
2001-09-29 06:55:19 (UTC)

Being Sick together...

Well my Sister and I just spent the night together being
sick together. As always Sister and Brother are always good
company. It's funny the way some things work out. My
Brother was out with friends and His real Life brother
celerbrating his B-day. Which reminds me that I have to
call that guy up and wish him a happy birthday. I can't
believe that I forgot to call him today.
Sister and I sat around and talked as if there was no
tomorra. When we did not have anything to say to each other
in those Silent moment, I did not feel uncomfortable
needing something to say. Just sit there and enjoy the time
that we do spend together.
Well, Off ta bed. Sending hugs to Sister and Brother.

Lost in the Dark...