2001-09-29 06:54:39 (UTC)


Well, I worked late tonight. We got out of the store at
around 11:45. So maybe it wasn't that late. To start, I
left my purse in the crew room, with my money and
cigarettes, and Mark wouldn't let me go back and get it
because he already turned on the alarm. No big deal; I had
more cigarettes at home. Justin and Talon were at my work
to pick me up. Well, we pull into my driveway, to find that
no one is home. My sister stayed the night at a friends
house, and I'm assuming my mom stayed the night with Kevin.
It's been a while sense I've had the house to myself, and I
used to like it. Now it's just kind of lonely. But anyway,
Talon, Savannah and Justin all came in to visit with me.
Justin is drunk, so he didn't visit with me much. Well,
Talon left a little while ago, Savannah just walked out the
door, and Justin is passed out in the bathroom hugging the
toilet. So I'm very lonely. I have no one to talk to at
all. Tonight is gonna be a long, lonely night.