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2001-09-29 06:36:06 (UTC)

Damn it stinks

I once met a guy that everyone called Duckey. He was a
pretty cool guy. Punk Rocker with a tall ass mohawk and
all that shit. We used to get drunk together and break
shit in the mid-town area. One day we were exceptionaly
drunk and he said to me: "Have you ever seen my baby?"
Of course I hadnt and said so. then he says: "You wanna
see a picture?" and I said sure. He reached into his back
pocket and got his wallet out. He said "Her name is Emily."
Then he drew the picture out and showed it to me. I laughed
my ass off at the picture. "This is my crowning acheivement
in life." he said, "Ive never been more proud of anything."
The picture was of a toilet with a turd in it that perfectly
wraps completely around the bowl FOUR TIMES! It was so huge
that one end of it almost hung out of the bowl. "Of course
you know" he said, "I could never have taken care of her.
Like so many other children in the world I had to flush her.
And it was a god damn bitch!"
The End.... (true story)

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