cosmic ski slopes
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2003-02-24 19:07:42 (UTC)

ampitheater in the rain

I was just thinking about this great night I had a while
ago. It was in November, and freezing, and raining, and I
had borrowed a little dress from a friend of a friend and
done my hair up and such. And I went out to a great
dinner, and then went to the Winter Ball, and had a great
time. And sometime around 10 I realized that I had
someplace else much better to be. So I got in a taxi and
left and came back to campus. As I was running through the
rain I called up and had him come down to meet me. And I
went in and sat down and waited for him. With my nice
little wet dress on and all. And he came down the ramp
from the elevator and I jumped up and hugged him and
didn't want to stop. As we were walking back to Leonard
from Letts, I stopped him, the rain had almost stopped
entirely, and I hugged him and I kissed him.

I stepped back- "I can't do that"
"Yes you can"
"No, I can't. I want to be able to do that whenever I want"
And he holds me and looks at me and says "You can."
"No, I can't." Me, being the dimwit that I am sometimes
wouldn't let go of that thought... and then it dawned on
me as he said "I talked to Tiff tonight, we broke up."

And I could feel the tears on my face mingling with the
rain that still hung there, and I was so happy, and so
scared all at once, 'can I do this?' I thought... 'I'm not
good at this part'... but banishing all thought from my
mind he kissed me again in the rain, standing in the
ampitheater, where everything seemed to begin and would
begin again for us.

a week later we 'imposed titles' and i haven't regretted
it for a moment, not even once.