random scribbles
2003-02-24 18:42:26 (UTC)

the*Ataris show part 2

[music - the postal service - mind - happy!!]

this show was even more perfect than the night before.
first off the people there were nicer... tammie and faye
came along and tammie brought cookies! then the set list
was even better. well it was much the same in fact but they
played hey kid and anna and i were SO overjoyed, then the
absolute highlight of the evening was toby played san dimas
with them. it was such a great moment.
we were all up leaning over the balcony and the whole crowd
was yelling out "go toby!" and he was pretty nervous but
just looked so happy - as you would of course - i can't
really describe how good it felt. kind of superior lol that
our friend was up on stage :)
seriously, it was just really special to watch his dream
come true...