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2001-09-29 03:13:17 (UTC)

New Song for my friends - Starting all over again

There is no place. There is no time. My friends need me
as I need them. When Mel told to all outside street that
love me truly. She did it from heart. She didn't mind about.
It hited my heart from hers. Because it every time I miss
her it is by my heart. If I want to save her heart and
receive back my eden gate it needs to be with my heart.
Tonight while she was with a stranger she was telling how
cold was her chest. I was so near and so far from her.
I don't choice what my heart wants to love. Poor hearts
I don't choice what my heart wanted.
My trunfo is to be truly and know what I've wanted.
I will be quiet wise and sharp as I every be before I had
known love and lost last millenia. I wished to a falling
star I be happy as I deserved before. Now I'm living a
second change. Even just a story to know to love and
to lose. In past I never had given a chance to love to be