Restless Comet Diary
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2003-02-24 18:28:42 (UTC)


I just came back from school.What a day,I am so
tired,not even in such a good mood.I feel I'm gonna *boom*
soon.Maybe I just need some rest.I have no time for rest
though,tomorrow I need to wake up early because I have to
go to the highschool I took my contest at and see if they
have the results.
My english teacher didn't bring me the result she said
she still has some of them to verify.Why does it take so
long?Other guys from other classes have got the result.I
don't really understand.
I pray day and night to get out of this place and I
know I'm gonna make it one day.
It was a pretty normal day at school,just tiring sport
class and a test at romanian language and ...Dana says she
wants to make me a surprise but she didn't say what is it
and now I'm so curious.
At the chemistry class alex was telling me I dont know
what story because I wasn't listening to him.I couldn't see
florin today.They left earlier.that's cuckoo....I wanted to
talk to him and now what am I gonna do?I hope he will be
there tomorrow when I get to school...
That cuckoo guy Chiose got the first place on the
county at the SMT contest.I didnt go at that one because we
dont have it among our subjects.Wow now he goes to the
national level.He was pretty happy.Now I see that every
person has his own qualities no matter how cuckoo he
is.Like this guy..he had to repeat the 9th grade because he
was missing all the classes.Then he got into thousands of
troubles ,even with the police and stuff.But he still got
the first place.....I wonder if I got anything at the
psychology one.Ummm there are 6 places on the rank...I'd be
happy even with the last one..really.Only the person on the
1st place goes to the national level.Maybe I can make it at
the romanian language one which is on Saturday.
I've met Dan too.Hahahaha he is really funny sometimes
he makes my day.He was running after one of his friends and
screaming like cuckoo.
My back hurts a bit still..The cuckoo sport teacher
didn't understand this.I told him he said I'm just trying
to get rid of the exercices .Blah!...
Tomorrow it'll be a busy day too...I have to leave my
home around 10am and then to go to school and then to come
here and then to go back home.
Oh I almost forgot.The greek called last night to tell
me not to worry that my mom is fine and she sends regards
to my grandma.What happened though?How come she didn't
call,and he called us?Weird....
I'm gonna go home now and eat something,anything and
then go to sleep.I feel my eyes closing and I really need a
bath and some rest.
My grannie gave me money to pay the tax for Kangaroo
but she is so mean lately.Why?What did I do to them?Why
does noone understand I really need some love now?I can't
go on without it....I dont know...I dont know anything
anymore,just that i'm trying to be ok and alright and fine
and smiley and all the good things.I can even do it
Maybe happiness it's not made for me..maybe I'm just
the one that helps people being happy and then they leave me still
unhappy.It has to be that.Well....OK then.

Horoscope: You may be asked to turn yourself inside out in one way
or another today, Ruxy. People may come up to you and bombard you in
a way that makes you want retreat into your protective shell. Let the
steam run out of their engine before you pull out your witty, well-
crafted retort. Your cutting sense of sarcastic humor is exactly what
is needed to punch a hole in the potentially superficial landscape of
the day.There is going to be so much to get done today that you might
feel a little daunted in getting started. By mid-day, you could even
find yourself downright overwhelmed. Take a break, dear Cancer. Take
a long lunch on an outside terrace, weather permitting. Breathe
deeply until the stress subsides. You may need to concentrate on
finishing only one or two minor tasks today, and put the rest off
until tomorrow. Remember, too much stress can take its toll on your
health!This is a challenging time in a tight place. People expect
things that you can't possibly deliver. If they're wrong, correct
them. If you forgot your own promise, all you can do is apologize and
try your best. The current inconvenience may be keeping you from some
planned exploration or heroic deed. However, don't forget that you're
already a hero among family members or other loved ones. Gently tend
the unexpected feelings that sprout from the soil of a wild garden.
And on the subject of plant matter, you'd do well to rely on herbal
remedies for mild physical ailments.

Yeah, you might feel like this was your last shot, but you know
that's not the case. Just give it a few days. Your problem will be
solved before you know it.

Yeah...everything is so true...So..Life goes on,Ruxy!!!

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