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2003-02-24 18:26:47 (UTC)


On Friday me and my work friend Alexa went and saw "The
Ring". I met at her house and took some pictures. We left
around 8.30pm to go the Filmworks, Greenwich.
I've seen all 3 Ring movies (Japanese original)so I was
hoping it would live up to my expectations. Overall I say
the original was better. This version I found to be dumbed
down from the original and didn't really leave much for the
imagination. All you will ask yourself after seeing the
remake is, where did Samara come from and how did the
videotape come about. They changed about 50% of the
original so if you seen the original embrace yourself for
bashing this version. I say if you haven't seen the
original you will find this version acceptable and
watchable. The Japanese one was extremely puzzling and
leaves you wondering alot and that is what makes it really
good. It was a fun night and the first time I went out with
her (no not a date =p). Wouldn't mind doing it some other
Today I went to gym nothing unusual there. I was suppose to
buy tickets for a west end show yesterday but was too lazy
(go figure). I decided to kill two birds with one stone by
going today. Me and Haley (I'm sure i mentioned her a while
back) are going to see "This is our Youth". Chris Kline and
Freddy Prince Jnr are starring in it until the end of March
I think, its not everyday you see Hollywood actors doing a
London shows ^_^. So next Saturday we're going to the
Garrick Theatre and seeing the 3pm showing, should be good.
Tell you about it after I go see it, laters all.