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2001-09-29 02:41:41 (UTC)

The Beginning of 2001 - When she comes so to my life

What I write today. I missed her. I would tell her how I
am happy she said that sweet things. Mel would be the best
friend to anybody that loves. But best friend Carol was
apart from her boyfriend today. I didn't want to break
any one. Because I like her so much and she knows. If I
told Mel how I was thankful about her feelings to me
I would break Carol heart. That one that was just broken
by boyfriend. Things happen. Mel was if a friend of another
heartbreaker. A friend of ex boyfriend from a neighbour girl
from me. I guess my neighbour was inviting him to get with Mel.
My enemies are third party about me. They act against my
friends. Maybe they are unhappy because I don't mind about
them but my truly friends. I think they don't mind about me
and really hates my friends because they are so happy.
I need to show what I feel to void the enemies and save
friends. And be truly with my feelings. My heart felt about
Mel with another one. It is so primitive because I don't
mind if Carol is with any one. For my conscience I prefer
Carol than Mel. Every one prefers. Mel is nice and happy
and care about pets. Carol is intelligent truly and believe
in good things.
In beginning of this year I wanted to know better people.
As I told before. Marcela nice girl. Independent and dreamer
and truly believe in right things. Today I met her at last
street of my home town. Last street is where the public
transportation stops to load and drop people. I said to
Marcela that I adore her while she was going to public
transportation. She replied if was like friends. I answer
yes what I could now. Truly me. I learn to be as I feel
as I say what I know it is true. Instead of ignoring the
false friends and enemies I will show what I think and feel
about each one.
Work I went to some school the voices told me to go. I
could serve some books them. The voices said me to return
next week to that school. The voices are made of good will
people that without apparent reason say things with
desconection but that is usefull for me.