sex kitten

life of a porn star
2001-09-29 05:39:36 (UTC)

sitting on top of the world.

well the past 24 hours were really busy. yesterday i got my
licence and went to tops lol ok i felt cool. dont mak fun
of me. then i went back to school and went to the senior
overnight retreat. i drove there with meagan mcguire, lu,
and molly. we got lost but we finally got there and it was
a nice drive along the water and it was a nice sunset. then
we got there finally and we all went for a walk on the
beach. it was still sunset and it was jus so nice to laugh
with my friends n stuff. we also get chased by some guy bc
we sat on his jet ski lol. then that night we had t sit
down and have a disscussion about what stresses us out.
then at like one thirty, we went upsatirs. i was in a room
with amy, christina, andrea, and chealsea. for some reason
we ended uphaving a weird diwscussion abour sex and there
were even diagrams lol. it just made me laugh so hard bc we
are corny and immature sometimes. it the greatest thing.
then the next day we had to write everyone the a little
note and put it in an envelope. it was really nice and i
felt really good after i read mine. then we drove home and
baco was running back and forth between the cars with a
misplaced bra at all the red lights. i love her she cracks
me up. then i went back to school and my mommy picked me up
and we went to subway. hen i finnally got home and tok he
car and went to walgreens. it was the first ime i ever
drove alone and i was kinda nervous. but ne ways came
home, took a bath and got ready for the dance. it was fun.
. then after the dance i went to meet my friends at
applebees in buffalo. so we are in the parking lot decidin
what to do bc there was a long line and we finnaly we to
some bar place near the regal theater. it was fun. but baco
started walking home in between bc she was pissed. it was
me amy, christina, kevin, andrea, kyle, at our table and
everyone else was with their bf and there was this hott kid
i wanted. ugh so then i got home at one nad now i am
finnaly going to sleep. goodnight.