le soleil et la lune
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2001-09-29 05:35:37 (UTC)

my broke ass car

Yup, the stupid thing broke down yet again, I mean, damn,
can't it go two weeks without leaving me stranded
somewhere? And it was worse this time b/c I was supposed
to be taking CJ home. The plus is I kinda got to play
damsel in distress when I found out it wouldn't start. I
got a deputy sheriff and a couple of East Surry football
players to come look at it. But for some reason they
wouldn't believe me when I told them that my battery wasn't
dead. I mean, hello, when I can make lots of sparks with
my nifty little jumper cables that's generally a sign. So
my dad thinks that maybe the main computer in my car is
shot, so if he's right, I am about to spend quite a bit of
money. Grrrrr. I don't like spending money on not fu8n
stuff. My dad played around with my car till after
midnight when he finally gave up. I guess my unlce Jolly
is going to tow it for me to his garage and I have to make
a decision as to how much i can afford to fork out. I
guess that is a hint from my little Dodge Shadow that if
the speed limit says 65 i should got 65, not 85 or 90. If
I hadn't had to work late I wouldn't have been going that
fast, but i was afraid CJ would leave me, and then I
would've driven all that way from nothing.

Anyway, off of that maddening subject. I saw Ben from
science and math today. It was very exciting, and i found
out that he's being homeschool for english 12 and that he's
taking a bunch of college classes instead of going back.
He looked nice. It was weird b/c I'm used to seeing him
immediately after rolling out of bed, and instead he was
showered and dressed almost normal.

Oh, and I must say that I was nicely suprised by the
message Matt sent me. When he told me at the game that he
has sent me feedback I had no clue what he was talking
about. That was really sweet.

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