2001-09-29 05:25:16 (UTC)


Sup all? not a thing here. We just won our first Varsity
game tonight!!!!!!! and it was our homecoming so it was
sooo kick ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we kicked soo
much ass tonight. The dance after wards sucked big time,
cause i went with this girl as friends, and when i told her
that i just wanted to be friends and that i didnt want to
go out with her, she completely blew up, and didnt talk to
me the rest of the night! so yeah i was pissed. but oh

My pic really sucks!!!!! i'm not cute at all, i wish, i
agree with the friends that dont agree with you marissa!
now ineed pics of you. i need to see ya!

Well i gotta go.
Love,Peace,and Happiness,
Adam aka Extra Value