Lil* Black Backpack
2001-09-29 04:49:56 (UTC)

Is this what I have been waiting for.....

Hello.... well this weekend i am going to AZ to see
matchbox twenty in concert. yea, i just hope that it will
be fun.
Today i went out to dinner with my family and i was in a
good mood when i started to think about everything, that is
happening in my life. and really to tell u the truth it
sux. Okay first im a losing a friend, because she tried to
commit sucide. then i think i am losing a best friend
because she thinks that she is to good for everything, and
she doesnt even take into reason who her real friends are.
then i think my other friend just uses me because she
doesnt have ne other friends other then her best friend.
Its like i can so much for them, and still dont even take
notice of me. I just wish there was a easier way to have
friends. I guess im just stuck here in this life we call
exsitence. I hope that everything will turn out alright.
well i gotta go now -k- buh bye!!!

-luv shelley