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2003-02-24 15:06:37 (UTC)

Music: Skunk Anansie Mood: Heart-broken & Tired Feel Like: Running Far Far Away And Never Coming Back Again

Worked my ass off today. The guy who is supposedly my boy-
friend and who I MOST unfortunately am in love with still
hasn't called and is not call. Haven't heard a thing from
him since Friday. He's my biggest disappointment so far and
if not for that stupid love thing going on I would have
dumped him A LONG TIME ago. It's not that I have expected
from him to be something more than my previous boy-friends.
It's that he made me believe he was "something
different". -LOL- Hilarious, isn't it? Men are all alike
and don't you fucking argue with me on that! Just a coule
of months ago (when it all started) this relationship was
meant to be simply physical, no strings attached. So, yeah.
How did I get here, I don't know. I know for sure that I do
not like it and wish it was much more simple - small talk
(if any) and just... fun. Heh... For the first time in my
life I want a non-serious purely sexual thing and he fucks
it all up. B-L-A-H!!!