.Scream Your Dream.

Emo Violence
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2001-09-29 04:40:39 (UTC)


wow, crazy stuff, crazy night... crazy day too...

day in summary: my fuckin cds i GAVE to german for their
garaage sale for club fund raiser, fuckin go priced for
like 10 and 25 cent, what the fuck, i told her, These are
BRAND NEW CDS in SHRINK WRAP, off our distro, theres no
fuckin way you are selling MY cds fro 10 fuckin cents, so i
repriced them all, and my emo shows for $.75 wuckin pisses
me off, i am TAKING back everything that doesnt sell, no
questions asked, i shouldve priced thngs my self, thats
fuckin rediculous, especially because fuckin ray and
chrsitne took the good ones otu anyway.

fuck that shit

came hoem from school, didnt actualyl go home, walked up
(alone) with jarred, weird, eh? no not really, we eat pizza
hang with some other kids then go to mark's (everyhting
seems so far away after a night liek this) so we chill at
marks, call up will, make plans and all, and then walk back
to school and will picks jarred and i up, then we go to
chadds ford to get caity, the we drive back to LANDENBURG
to the perfect cup to meet matt and (FUCK) i already forgot
her name, oh whatever, i knew her from before and i saw her
agian, Caroline, thats it, shes cool, anyway we went BACK
to FREAKIN chadds ford to eat at kings island, i was
stressed enough about the show that we already missed 1
hour above, i wasnt feeling very socail, so anyway we eat a
little and i see eric (infamous) and meet kid named alex
(adorable) then go pick up jarred's girly, alicia : ( oh
well, what can you do... so 3 girls in the back seat, 2
boys in the front, we start our quest for the show, (it
beng 7:35 now) so we go some how happen to get lost around
the MD area, (WTF) then we finally get on track and turn
around (mybe 45 misn to an hour after our initial kennett-
leave time, we reach this place) to see the parkng lotS!
are PACKED mustve been a good 150 cars, DAMN, so many kids,
every kid ive ever seen at a show, ever, (DE that is) and
so many more, it was fuckin crazy, SOO many people, but it
was decent inside, crowded and hot, i saw clint as i walked
in, he looked adorable, so we chilled inside, made me
nervous that adam, steve graham and dennis were pointing at
me, so we chilled outside a little, we came in to see the
movie life, saw a litlte, then alica jarred and i went
outside and had some good ol' sex talks, i admitted more
than i know wish i had (WHY ISNT ALCOHOL AN EXCUSE
ANYMORE??) anyway, then we see some thursday, giv out about
250 flyers for DIGGER (good) and see a few boy sets fire
sonds and were outta htere before the crowds leave, i saw
drew by the way, anywho, we head for home and chill at
matt's for a bit, play strip fooze ball, and the rest play
cards on the floor, jarred and alicia luridly (and nosily)
mess around in the adjacent room, grr, and caity and will
play mercey and kiss twice that night, matts cuddeling with
carline, so that leaves alex and i glancing back and forth
awkwardly... by the way, YES caity did cheat on jeremy with
will, fun times
mom wouldnt let me spend the night at will's : ( sad cause
jarred was gona be there, wait is that good or bad, anyway,
tommrow gotta go to the garage sale, fuck that, im just
gonna chill with caitlyn. im out, long day, need rest.

kisses (thought NOT really at all)