would the world stop spinning
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2003-02-24 12:59:32 (UTC)

tegan and sarah

my ex-girlfriend and i are still very good friends,she's
been yacking and yacking about these chics..tegan and sarah
for a long time now,for some reason i didnt wanna listin to
them...everywhere i look someone else is all about them,and
i'm like jesus alreay.....
so my sister comes home ranting about tegan and sarah this
and that,blah she's got some burned cd with them
on it,so she forces me to listin to them and now i'm
completely in love with them...only thing is that i can't
find alot of songs i like,but then there are the few i do
and i LOVE them.
courtney(the ex) got me into so much music while we were
together...from ani difranco to lords of acid.

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