my life...
2001-09-29 04:29:00 (UTC)


Dear Diary~ Today was amazingly worries of
last night were put to I am happy that my mom is
okay and everything is normal, or most likely is...I went
to the SHS and midpark game tonight...we totally killed
them :) Anyways...I was happy that Mare~bear seemed to be
doing better...I have big hopes for Matt*the host* and
her... :) awwww Erin and Jamie are so freaking cute... He
seems really cool and they are adorable...I can't wait to
hang out with Lil Nikki next week i miss that
chick.,.. we haven't hung out for a LONG time...Kayt seems
upset now...Shes asking me why she is an like
why does she do and not do things in her life...Sometimes
things that we do represent what is going to come in the
future...I hope all of my friends and all of those I
mentioned are all happy and cool...I hope we have fun
tommorow...I know I will...My amazing boyfriend is the
greatest guy I have ever met...He is just amazing... I
don't know what else to say about that...all I know is that
when I am with him everything I do seems more worth it and
everything seems more special...I am so in love with
him...I can just tell..I get that undescribable feeling in
my whole body all the way down to my soul and my heart
starts pounding...I am so looking forward to
homecoming...It's going to be beautiful and amazing and
great...I love him....well I am out of here for
now...Peace, Love and smiles :)

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