My Life In A Bottle
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2001-02-26 19:27:25 (UTC)

Here is some more about my big..

Here is some more about my big love.The truth is that I
never been so deep in love with anybody in my life... I
also know that this might sound like I`m a desperate
teenager looking for a boyfriend but I`m not... The
desperate people here are the one who puts out this rumors
on him. I know that he isn`t exactly the one I would show
my grandmother, but he seems nice to me.
The rumors says that he never have a girlfriend more then
for two days, that he drinks and smoke alot and much more
but I have to know him myself to judge if I AM going to
belive in those rumors. I gotta go now, Im gonna go to some
friends and there my "Big Love" gonna be...

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