sokker midget

2001-09-29 04:28:15 (UTC)

football night

today was really fun. today was senior skip day and only a
few seniors were at school. i was one of those few. the
reason i didn't skip is because i had a football game and
if i missed my band teacher would give me demerits. but
anyways the day started out boring because i have band
class first thing, but as the day went on it got a whole
lot better. in second period michael(the guy i like) and i
flirted around with each other the whole time. which was
really good, but the problem is, tonight i found out that
he has a girlfriend, which really sucks! after school today
i had band rehersal, because i am in the marching band and
we had to practice our half-time show. but anyway the
football team had to play East Surry tonight and so we(the
marching band) had to go to East Surry, and me and a few of
my friends got to do the opening for the channel 12
coverage of friday night football which was really cool
because i got to be on the news. it was really funny
because when we trying to record what we were going to say
it took us at least 15 times to get it right, which made
the channel 12 dudes sort of angry. but it was really fun.
we lost the football game of course, because the football
team really sucks. but that was pretty much the highlights
of my day. well got to go. good night