Randi Lynn

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2003-02-24 11:03:49 (UTC)

Im getting ready for school,..

Im getting ready for school, actually i just have to finish
eating breakfast and brush my teeth and I will be ready.
Which is good because I only have 10 minutes left. But im
TIRED. Damnit, tonight I wont go to bed until 10:30. I Heard
that the more sleep you get the tireder youll be. Also teh
less you sleep..but hay. 7 hours is good enough. Now I have
to find something to occupy me till then. Ive only been
going to bed at 9:30 or earlier because ive been so damned
BORED.my kibbles is sitting here purring while stareing at
my rice krispies. Well, its almost 6:10, and Im leavning to
go catch the bus 5 minutes early because the driveway is
EXTRA slipery, and its uphill. Bai. - 6:09 AM


School lets out at 1:50 PM. Im at the public library computer,
seeing the school library closed for the day, I walked here.
Besides that, I cant use the library computer for any type of
personal use without getting in trouble. Well, I mean, Ive violated
that rule before and didnt get in trouble, but to top it off my
password doesnt work. My moms coming to pick me up soon,
so I better finish whatever I wish to say. Walking up the diveway
this morning, it was all ice, but i didnt slip..well, fall anyway. It
was picture perfect though, how it looked. Its like the pictures a
person sees of winter time. Millions of trees surrounding an ice
driveway with walls of snow on each side. The trees white. I only
see the trees white when ts snowin, now after it! But the ice
storm made the ice stick. When I was walking here i tried to take
a shortcut but I had to turn back because i steped on a huge pile
of seemingly hard snow....Until it engulfed my entire leg. I got
snow in my shoe, but my pants didnt get wet. Not that id care if
ttheey did. I immediatly gasped, cursed, and pulled myself out,
taking the road. - 2:42 PM


I took a picture of our picture perfect winter driveway. But it awsent
picture perfect anymore when I took it, david had sanded it so it
didnt look so beautiful. I Guess i just love taking pictures of
beautiful natural happnings. Wow, i have nothing ELSE to write except
that Kristi did call me over vacation, but that whore of a mother
forgor to tell meh. - 7:32 PM


Must...stay...awake! These huge grapes ( almost as big as golfballs )
are from chile. they've got seeds in them that look freaky. If im
lucky, it only had 2 seeds. if im not, it might have over 5. If im
extremly lucky, it had no seeds, like they did when i tried one before
we bought them. Ive decided to be a herbevore, which means I pretty
much dont eat meat. Not a vegitarian. I still have dairy products. I
was invited to be a bridesmaid at my cousin missy's wedding. Isnt that
weird? who would want ME as a bridesmaid? Oh well. Ive been a
bridesmaid twice, icluding the time i was my moms, i forgot what
they're called, but ah, best-woman. X.x...When she married my step
dad. It wont be till september, though. Mmm. Im slowly biting into
these grapes, plucking the seeds out, and fishising them. Maybe itll
take me till 10? Night! - 9:22 PM

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