The Perils of Everything
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2003-02-24 07:22:34 (UTC)

Ways To Thin Down I

This is the first installment of Ways to Thin Down...

*Hopefully start running. If I can just run about 1/2 a
mile around my house that is enough to get my metabolism up
to where I can start burning fat, while it's not too far
where I will become dizzy and lightheaded.

*Drinking only water! So far I have followed this...with
the exception of a mountain dew on the first day.

*Cutting back signifigantly on portions and food. As well
as not eating fatty foods.

*Doing 40 sit ups a night 30 minutes before bed. My stomach
is very pudgy. And I'm SICK of my mom thinking I'm pregnant.

*Getting plenty of sleep so I won't be sleepy from

*Food Plans for First Week*

The first week being the most important in my opinion this
is my fast thin down diet plan...

Breakfast: Tea w/honey

Snack/Lunch: Gum or hard candy

Dinner: 4 piece California Rolls

And if I HAVE to eat: 1/2 Yogurt or 1/4 of Strawberry

Drink: WATER ONLY!!!

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