The Perils of Everything
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2003-02-24 07:17:28 (UTC)

My Goal:

My Goals:

To fit comfortably into a size 3/4. Right now that is
either tight on me or doesn't fit...except for A&F those
fit bit.

After I reach that goal which will hopefully happen in a
week, two at the most. Then I will strive for fitting into
a size 2. Even though to fit into a size 2 comfortably will
take a while that is my overall goal.

Hopefully I will thin down by prom and summer.

*reasons why I want to thin down*

For Prom...even if I don't end up going.

For Summer...when I hopefully work for a stable at Del Mar
Horsepark. My chaps fit me from anorexic days and you get
more opportunities to ride horses when you are thin. Plus
my show breeches fit the skinny me. Size 26 with no stretch
= must loose weight fast!