I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2003-02-24 07:01:46 (UTC)

Resolved? Hmmm...

Well, the Andrew situation is resolved maybe? He doesn't
touch me at all anymore. I have no idea how or why that
came about though. It's strange. There doesn't seem to be
a difference in how he talks to me, but he doesn't touch
me. I miss that alot, but it's the right thing to have
happen. It sucks having to do the right thing. Though he
did take me to lunch today. But I have to pay him back on
Friday. Which is fine. I guess.

I went to see my friend Erin after work and we decrapped.
Decrapping is great. It's getting rid of all sorts of
stuff that you aren't gonna use and/or don't need anymore.
It's much easier with an outside influence because then
they can tell you that you really don't need to have that
ugly picture of your exboyfriend from 1989. You get the

I am very looking forward to California. I'm running on
empty here lately. The only thing keeping me going is the
fact that I'm leaving March 14 at 7am. Yay!! I'm really

In response to my notes:

Kell-I miss you and when are you coming? And why was your
weekend so great?

Mackenzie-your noter was right. Make yourself happy. Screw
everyone else. And did you get the email I sent you? If
yes, what did you think?

Everyone else-thanks for your input, I really need outside
opinions. Mine overwhelm me.