Cosmic Rain
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2003-02-24 06:52:59 (UTC)

Strange People

I'm gonna post this convo here. Even though I am meant to
post it somewhere else, but that place isn't working and
even though I do hate to double up I will post it here
anyway and the other place. Because I can do that.

I just had this what felt like a 10min conversation on the phone with
a total stranger. She was both strange and a stranger. Being that I
play squash comp Monday nights and that I am captain I have
to make certain phonecalls when problems arise or things
need to get shifted or whatever the case might be at the
time. So I rang the Opposing Teams Squash Centre to aquire
a phone number of the team captain, so we could have a
captain to captain chat. Now I obviously wrote the number
down wrong OR!!! I'd prefer to think the wally at the other
end gave me the wrong number. Whatever the case it was
totally the wrong number. I couldn't understand her from a
bar of soap and I don't think she understood me.

Pinkle: Hi this is Pinkle from My Wonderful Squash Centre,
is Julie there please?(No I actually used my real name and
squash centre, naturally. lol)
Strange Woman: No, I don't wish to buy anything. *Strong
Indian Accent*
Pinkle: I'm not selling anything *laugh* I'm after Julie
Strange Woman: Where are you from again?
Pinkle: My wonderful Squash Centre (God this is sounding
stupid not using the actual place, but I'm being soooo sooo
Strange Woman: So if you are not selling anything, then
what are you after?
Pinkle: I'm after Julie.
Strange Woman: And you are from a squash centre?
Pinkle: Yes I need to see if I can change the night we play.
Strange Woman: Well there is no Julie here. This is a
private home.

Pinkle:(Thinking does she think I think she is a squash
centre?) Well I must have the wrong number sorry.
Strange Woman: Yes, you must have the wrong number. No
Julie here.
Pinkle: Thanks, Bye *hangs up*

You just never know when you're going to get them, but you
get them.

It's freaking hotsy fransapanny. I don't know when it
decided it was going to get to 35, but it decided when I
had to run my Dad down to the specialists and back. And I
have no air con, just natural cool breeze blowing air con.
Bloody Nora!!! And I'm still hot now and feel buggered and
I have squash too. Ahh ze well!!! *drinks more water*

I'm too hot for this...

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