canada VS america
2001-09-29 03:55:38 (UTC)


well i thought i would define love for all you out there
wondering if "he/she" is the right one for you. Well for
me anyways this is how i know. I am always always thinkin
about him i mean always not one minute goes by that he is
not on my mind, and when i see his lil name on line my
heart skips a beat, when he tells me "i love you" i get all
teary eyed and a huge lump in my throught i mean what more
could a person in life want other then someone that makes
you feel like that, i just cant wait for him to hold me
again you guys OMG that was the absolute most wonderful
feelin in the whole world was him wrapin his arms around
me, and see ken is like a big guy i mean not fat just well
built i mean stocky and muscular so when them arms just
kinda fall tightly around my waist its like im on cloud
nine (ok i better stop that kinda talk or im gonna get all
excited) anyways time is moving slow im patiently waiting
for ken to give me the word to come up there, im so excited
to get there to see him and begin my life with him. anyways
that is about it for now everythign else is good im still
living wiht mom and ill be livin here till i go to canada
but ill sign off for now God bless america and canada kiss