The Perils of Everything
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2003-02-24 06:18:20 (UTC)

Days 1-3

Here is my eating diary for Days 1-3 of my new anorexic

DAY ONE: 2/21/03
-Big Stick(50 calories)
-half a yogurt(75 calories)
-mountain dew(200 calories)

DAY TWO: 2/22/03
-Tea w/honey
-Nerds :)
-7 California rolls
-1 bite of a gyro

DAY THREE: 2/23/03
-Tea w/honey
-Nerds :)
-half a small bottle of gatorade(25 calories)
-half a very small cheese, turkey and mustard sandwich
-two bites of a burrito (oops!)
-half of a snow cone(50 calories)

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