The Perils of Everything
2003-02-24 06:13:24 (UTC)

all about me

Okay so here is where I'm going to explain everything about
myself and everything that this on-line diary represents.

I am 18, a girl, and not happy.
Yea really sad, isn't it? Well I am trying to make some
changes to become happier.

It's not that I'm lonely. I have a boyfriend. Who is
wonderful and we have been together for over 2 years. I
have some friends, not many but thats the way I like it.

I have a family, although they are pretty much cracked out
alcoholics. I wish that I could be closer with them, but
how they act does not allow that to happen. Sometimes
things are good between us and then my mom tears me apart
for not having a 3.0 for car insurance. Okay I got a 2.6 or
something. I failed a class, got 1 c and the rest b's. Now
I don't think that that is bad. It is my senior year and I
*HATE* high school! I mean really hate it. I cannot wait to
graduate...june come faster!!

I will update this page often, however it is not the most
important page.

*Reason for this online diary*

Basically I used to be anorexic in 10th-11th grade. However
over the last bit of 11th grade and the summer going into
12th grade and up until now I have broken that. Thinking
that I won't gain weight. Thinking that everything will be
the same. However that is not what happened. I just got
sucked into going out with friends, having my boyfriend
make me food, people expecting me to eat. Well I must admit
that I've always been depressed. However after breaking my
anorexic ways I have become more depressed than ever. Now
some may say that that is a cry for help. That I need to go
get treatment. Well I was on Prozac which helped a lot. And
I'm going to go back and re-new my prescription with a
doctor. However being anorexic makes me happy. Therefore
while everything else in my life sucks I need at least two
things to make me happy...feeling good about my body and my
boyfriend. Sounds pretty superficial doesn't it? Well I
think it is and it isn't. Oh well, this is private and just
for me therefore I do not feel like I have to justify this
at all.


Height: 5'5"-5'6"
Weight: Probably around 128-130
Pant Size: 3/4 but becoming a 5/6


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