The crazy world of me
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2003-02-24 05:29:53 (UTC)

whats up guys?

So what is going go on with you people? I don't ever get
the chance to write anymore really because I am never home
since I am working again. I had to work 31 hours this week
which really don't seem like a lot because people work a
lot more than that but its a lot for me because I got
school and all that crap that goes with it. Its not bad
though. I would rather be working then out getting in
trouble in one way or another. Plus I like my job and the
people I work with so I have fun with it and stuff. So I
talked to Ricky today and it just seems like the more I
talk to him the more I really don't want to anymore because
he just always says stuff that just makes me think twice
about him or whatever you know what I mean. It just seems
that he has changed since when I first started talking to
him. I will get over it I guess. Ever since he started
hanging out with Tyrell and all of them he has been acting
diffrent but o'well. I asked him if we are still friends
and he said yes but I don't think that's true because he
told me he don't care about me anymore and friends care
about one another. Real friends at least. I still care
about him no matter much how much I say I hate him. I
don't know I am all sorts of confused. But I am going to
go incase I do have school tomorrow.