Into the Apparently Pathetic Life of a M
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2001-09-29 03:20:03 (UTC)

Oh boy (again=)

Went to go see a movie without Jason,
again....Grr...Hmm...Well, I've got a soccer game tomorrow.
Since I'm hurt, I don't know how much coach will play
me...Dude, that makes me mad....At least Jason will be at
my game, along with Katy (maybe), and Jacey. So it should
be an okay day, considering how much pain I will be in
during the game. And it's going to be cold!!! Today Michael
and I were talking, and laughing about their being adult
supervision there tomorrow, and Mike's dad walked by, and
said there was nothing to worry about, because I was a good
girl. Everyone in that family asks him how he got a girl
like me...What does "like me" mean? Something about him
being an "underachiever" or something....Whatever, I
gtg...Jacey's here...And I'm talking to Joel...He drove
over to Texas the other day and saw Nate.....Oooh, I'm

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