Blood and Chocolate
2001-09-29 03:17:13 (UTC)

Last one for tonight!

Hey everyone
Sup ? Not much here! Am I self absorbed ?! DO all I care
about is myself ?! Ok cause I just got off the phone with
someone that said whenever they talk to me they feel like I
could careless about them ! Which I personally think is not
true ! So I am sorry to that person that they feel that way
but I really don't treat them like that! Ok well I am like
super tired ! I had such a long day ! Omg I didn't share
the "tit" story but I will do that another time !!!!! It
was really funny ! OMG ADAM where are you ?! I won't be
able to be on tomorrow cause I will be at Stephy's
house ! :)! So why can't you get online ! I can't stay up
this late I am getting dizzy cause I am so tired ! I gotta
bounce ! I will be online around 12:30 -4 pm tomorrow! Adam
please write in your journal and e-mail me !!!!!!!!! Thanks!
I really gotta bounce
Luv ya always