Nick's Journal
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2003-02-24 05:06:45 (UTC)

Nocturnal Nightmare

today was just another piece of waste flowing down the
sewer of life for me. what did i do today? let's see i
guess i should begin with passing out last night. so i
slept till 1 or more or less i kept myself confined to my
bed in a desperate attempt to make up for sleep. i then
got up played some ncaa, and did nothing until i went with
ryan to study at the student center. while there the most
productive thing i did was scrutinizingly scan all of the
ingredients in the nite-time time fever reliever, as
compared to nyquil. after deciding i wouldn't buy it even
if it was the ssame shit, i left and met my marketing
group at the math emporium (which is just a big ass
building with a plethora of computers). anyhow, riding on the day i
was i was absolutely
no help to my group, and merely uttered various ineffable
slurs of shit to reaffirm my existence.
sooooo, after that i decided to go to the gym and run
around. basically i just watched everyboyd else play
basketball while perched like a dumbass on the stationary
bike. it was kinda funny watching the others play cos
they all acted so badass......but if you actually watched
your realized that they were horrible at it!!! well
anyhow, i got out of there as soon as possible, and
decided to waste the rest of my day at kroger. by now it
was 10 pm, and i was once again scanning ingredients. i
found some drugs (the legal kind) that promoted sleep and
for only 2 bucks i decided to go with it. oddly enough i
think i take drugs in a purely academic
enterprise........that and i just like being under the
influence of foreign chemicals.
anyhow, mike was working and i've decided i'm only going
to go when he works cos i actually found my shit within a
couple of seconds instead of aimlessly meandering through
a bunch of aisles. on the way out i realized that this
little kid was going shopping with his mother, by now it
was 10:30...i just know that i woudl never go shopping
with my mom @ 10:30 when i was little. times sure
change. so i got home and put my 3 min. pasta in the
microwave. i set it for 3 mins. and was determined to
get it in that space of time, but you know how that goes.
you never have anything to do that lasts for 3 fucking
mins. so inevitably it turned into a 2 minute 47 second
bout of keeping myself busy with nothing. finally i
snatched it out....burned myself, opened the
wrap....burned myself, and took a bit.....burning myself
very badly. fucking microwave food, it's just like
chinese food, why the fuck is it always so hot? so then i
watched t.v., the christing grammys let me down and i only
watched them for 5 fucking mins. what a shitty program.
but then i flipped through the channels and either
something reminded me of juliann or it just sucked...or
both. so i came to rest my tattered mind on a show about
cooking, and this jerk was using a knife to cut all kinds
of shit (almost all of it being food) and after he cut it
he pushed it down this hole in the table (which i'm
assuming was a trashcan). we are so fucked up. he wasted
so much food.
so here i'm sitting now, wrapped in my blanket with a
sweater on because all of a sudden i'm cold as a
motherfucker, or i'm growing a vagina, i don't know what.
look at this journal entry. this is a day in your life,
believe it or not. look at the sleek mundane principle by
which we operate. go through life head down, turn that
frown upside down.

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