Thoughts and Feelings
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2003-02-24 05:02:11 (UTC)


Current Music: Come Away With Me--Norah Jones
Current Mood: tired and stressed

I have two tests tomorrow and it really is about to kill
me. I'm soooo tired so should be going to bed soon but who
knows. I think I'm finally happy with being single. I
mean sure I wish I had a "make-out" buddy...well I guess I
kinda do but not really. I mean sure I actually wish I had
a boyfriend, but I don't want the akwardness of starting a
relationship. That and I really don't have any crushes. I
guess thats also a sign I need to be single for awhile.
Well as far as the future goes (non guy related) I think
I've finally decided what I want to do. Finish up my psych
degree and then go somewhere other then here for my masters
in early childhood education. I think maybe North Georgia
College, but I need to look at it more. I still have a
year before i really have to decide. I realized this
weekend that I really miss my old roomie, Hong. We pretty
much spent the entire weekend togather and since she's been
in a serious relationship for a year she's less judgemental
of me. And that was my only problem with her when we were
living togather. She keeps talking about wanting to move
back onto campus, so maybe next year she will and we can
live togather. Because I didn't apply to be an RA again--
don't really know why but I think it just isn't for me.
Hopefully I can't convince my parents to let me have a
single for my Senior year. I guess the way I'll put it to
them is that they didn't have to pay for anything this
year. Because I really do love having a single, and I can
live in the house for the summer, where I'll have a roomie,
but it is only 3 months and its more then one room, I can
go downstairs to escape if i need to. Ok well I'm off to