~*~*A Girl*~*~
2001-09-29 03:12:21 (UTC)

A Trip Of Self-Discovery....

I'm feeling like the weirdest thing under the planet...and
yezzz, I know it's supposed to be 'normal'

I'm feeling confused and awkward and sometimes feel like
I'm walking around having lost my sense of barings....and
yezz, I know that it's supposed to be normal too...

I love my family...but why is it so hard for them to
understand me....and why is my mother behaving that
way ??...and yezzz, even that is supposed to be 'normal' !!

So since I'm so bloody smart, why am I writing all these
things ?? Cuz I can't wait to get over this so-called
NORMAL period!!!! *lol*

Okie, I'm a 15 yr old girl, soon-to-be turning 16 (not exactly ur
average Sweet Sixteen material unfortunately)...struggling thru a
complexed life of school, home, friends, film stars, beauty
magazines, cute-clothes-that-don't-hang-well-ONLY-on-u and one those
chosen-ones to be imperfect, flawed, ungraceful, sorta ugly
(sometimes in a cute way, but that too in rare occasions !!!) , and
born to be the butt of jokes mostly unintentional probably, but cruel
nonetheless esp when ur own mother does it in front of The Clan.

Okie enuff said abt me...u've got the idea !