Mark Gittner

Gay Guy juggles his life struggles.
2003-02-24 04:38:58 (UTC)

Passion for life

I have done some thinking today. What is it that makes
living tolerable? my conclusion? Passion.

there has to be something you have passion for... the thing
that you want every day. For some people, it's a person,
for others, it's a job. Sometimes it's a hobby, or charity
work, or friends.

For me it WAS Jason. I still miss him, love him, and want
him. But i don't live for him anymore, which is why I've
been having so many problems of late. Why I am so depressed.
I gave up my dreams for him and his, and now i have nothing
to live for.

So to solve my dilemma, i need to find myself and my
passions. Can I rekindle my dreams of performing, or am I
too weak to try? How long can I give myself?

I really want to make it, and I am scared I won't if I
don't figure this all out.